FLKeys in Corona mode

For many of us music means comfort, happiness and fulfillment. Something we all need right now.
We probably won't be able to go back to full production immediately after the crisis is over, but we still have a few MKs in stock right now.
Order now and we will send your MK to you safely and without any problems at a later date. We are happy to store your MK for you in the meantime.
I am also currently working in the home office and can answer your questions and process your orders.
We do not want to endanger our suppliers, our team, the parcel service employees and you, our customers, unnecessarily.
However, if we can make your (online) audience and you happy with our instruments in this serious time, we will definitely try to find a solution.

I wish you all the best and stay healthy

F. Lachnit

"...It has changed the way I work,
and it will make a big difference to any pianist who really cares about touch..."